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This is the greatest movie ever.

One of my favourites


Please stop hovering


By far the stupidest criticism of the new Thor is ‘no where in Norse mythology is Thor a woman, stop messing with mythology.’

Right, because Norse mythology is just fucking filled with stories about Thor hanging out with Iron Man and Captain America at the Avengers Tower.

me: i want to draw
me: *starts drawing* i don't want to do this anymore



u know yr fucked when someone is so fine u can’t even look at them directly u gotta glance at them out of the corner of your eye like yr lookin at the sun



Chris meant it when he said ‘we hunt those who hunt us.’ Because ‘us’ refers to a pack of rag-tag teens that have banded together to protect their families and friends. Because ‘us’ consists of the kids his daughter loved with her whole heart and gave her life for. ‘We hunt those who hunt us.’

And they’re hunting his pack. 


#stiles and scott trying to be intimidating but just being adorable idiots

"Maybe Harry Potter’s real and you’re not."
— John Green (via pansyserum)

Stiles and Derek investigate their latest supernatural problem at the school together.